GP1-63 series combined small dc circuit breaker


Character description
2-phase/a three-stage over-current protection
A two-pass protection or protection two of three overcurrent protection modeAmong themA three-stage protection way is realized by using magnetic short circuit the short time delayImplements the entire inverse time delay protection featuresOvercome the electronic short circuit short delay is implemented by capacitance and other electronic components failure of the problems of agingAnd greatly improve the reliability of protection.
Dc leakage current measurement
Built-in dc leakage current sensorThe circuit of dc leakage current can be real-time measurement, resolution of 0.01 mA,Cooperate with dc insulation monitoring device can realize accurate branch measuring insulation resistance and grounding fault line selection.
Current measurement
Built-in current sensor, the real-time measurement of loop current, the measured results through communication interface transmit outward.
Circuit breaker state detection
Using non-contact induction principle OF circuit breaker state detection technology, the implementation OF the circuit breaker close break-brake status, fault tripping status detection, to avoid the side stitching attachment (OF/SD) OF lateral size increases, to avoid the long running process, auxiliary contact oxidation and wear problems in detection more accurate.
The load instructions
Puts the load indicator circuit breaker panel, reduces the light wiring process;Plug type design structure, maintenance more convenient.
One-piece structure
Circuit breaker, indicator light, leakage current sensor, the circuit breaker status detection components in a casing, which simplifies the discrete electrical components contained in the installation process.
Intelligent communication
Built-in intelligent control unit circuit dc leakage current measurement, real-time acquisition circuit breaker status, adopting RS485 communication interface connected to the monitoring device, relative to the discrete electrical components of the installation and connection mode, greatly reduced the secondary wiring, installation is simple and easy to maintain.
To optimize the design of the space

Products overall width only 36 mm, saving a single feeder installation space, effectively improve the efficiency of dc screen panel.

Technical parameters